Anna Culpepper

BFA in Photography


Anna Culpepper is an artist born and raised In Little Rock, Arkansas. Photography has been her
passion since childhood.

Artist Statement

Overgrown is a photographic love letter to womankind. It embodies an enchanted view of what femininity entails, depicting themes of body positivity, self-growth, love, sexuality, and other personal issues she has struggled with while growing up. Anna created this series in order to let the women in her life see the beauty and strengths of their inner and outer selves and, in doing so, she learned the same about herself and gained confidence throughout the process. In some ways, the model is a stand-in for her self-portrait, but in other ways it’s a portrait of women in general. She likes to use human-made objects such as fabric to create a more ethereal aspect to the outdoor spaces and fabricate interesting visual juxtapositions within the compositions. Often, Anna covers the faces of her models which is a subconscious concept of protection instead of exploitation of the individual. Her intention is to celebrate the female, not place her into objectification from the male gaze.