Christina Osorio

BFA in Graphic Design


Christina Osorio’s work uses graphic design and traditional media to investigate the relationship between design and art. Her pieces utilize type, image, distortion, and analog methods to go between the lines of legible communication and abstracted visuals. A local to Little Rock, Christina is a Judith A. Wrappe scholar at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock where she is pursuing her BFA in Graphic Design.

Artist Statement

This poster series, I Don’t Understand, focuses on the interaction between viewer and letterform; how abstraction of the commonly known and personal knowledge affects whether communication is successfully transmitted. By repeating the phrase in various languages and levels of distortion, Christina searches for the line between understanding and illegibility. Looking at the physical forms of our writing systems, at what point are we returned to a moment in which we lack the ability to read what is written?

BFA Project

I Don’t Understand