Damage and Repair
Madeline England, MA Thesis Exhibition

Ann Maners and Alex Pappas Gallery (WCAD, Level 1)
November 20, 2020- December 16, 2020

This solo exhibition Madeline England: Damage and Repair features the work created in the MA program at UA Little Rock. England has created a series of sculptural objects incorporating ceramics and mixed media.

Her work is about damage and repair. Each piece showcases a different fibrous display of color and energy, eluding to a spectrum of positive growth.

Madeline England states: “I’m using damaged architectural structures, undergoing fibrous restoration to represent positive healing after grief and trauma. It’s to promote letting go of self destructive behaviors after experiencing emotional and mental damage, which is something I’ve struggled with.”

A virtual artist talk will take place December 4th at 6pm via Zoom. For details regarding this event, please email Madeline at  mmengland@ualr.edu.


Column: Energy

stoneware, fibers, wire
24” x 13” x 13”

Column: Growth

stoneware, fibers, wire
54” x 13” x 13”

Column: Tree Trunk

stoneware, fibers, wire
38” x 28” x 12”